1. Services & Charges
    Services & Charges
    Corpse Transportation Human or Animal (Fee for the Corpse of Attorney's and Car salesmen are double) Within Weld County: Pick-up $75.00 Per mile: $8.00 Northern Colorado County outside of Weld: Pick-up $125.00 Per mile $7.00 Metro Counties: Pick-up $175.00 Per mile: $8.50 Additional Charges: If transport will take several days Dry Ice or Liquid Nitrogen may be needed at an additional charge. Corpse B Gone will not be responsible for damage due to the use of Dry Ice or Liquid Nitrogen, extra waiver is required. Body bag charge is $ 44.00 per bag ( Corpse B Gone will only use Body Bags Proudly Made in USA) Animal Transport: We give a 10% for Dogs ( We like Dogs) Cats incur a 40% extra service charge. Casket Repossession: Corpse B Gone Staff will repossess any Casket or Urn with the appropriate legal court order for exhumation. We also prefer a "Writ of Assistance". Corpse B Gone will not be responsible for the care or transport of a corpse in the event of a Casket repossession unless a separate agreement has been made for transport of said corpse. Attorney's and Car Salesmen: If the corpse was a Attorney or Car Salesmen exhumation is doubled to $12,000.00 because of the 12 foot depth. ( They are buried 12 feet deep instead of 6 feet deep. Because, well, deep down they're really good people.)
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